I became interested in gems and minerals at an early age. I grew up in Maine where family vacations usually included rock collecting in New England and Canada. This also was the beginning of my love for nature and geology. In the mid 80's I began making jewelry. In time I learned the art of lapidary including faceting gemstones. Maine has many different gems like tourmaline, aquamarine and rose quartz. It's very satisfying to cut native stones and  turn something dull into something dazzling .       
  The Maine coast and mountains are also the inspiration for many of my designs that are hand forged and fabricated. Refining the shapes of nature to their simplest forms are the perfect complement for the human body.
   I only use recycled metals in my work. In addition to Argentium sterling silver I work with gold, copper, brass and bronze. The latter I'll color with beautiful patinas, some using local seaweed for interesting effects.
   Everything about my craft is magic. Often my jewelry is given as a symbol of love and affection. There's nothing better than that. There's nothing else I'd rather do.